Group lessons Swim England Stage 1 to 7 

We believe that swimming is a life skill and that learning should be fun and enjoyable.

All group lessons have a pupil to teacher ratio of 1 to 6

A fully qualified teacher is based in the water, with assistants when required. 

Swimtastic models each lesson to suit the individual’s age and ability.

Each term is usually 6 weeks and a lesson 30 minutes.

Personal survival skills are taught for all groups.


Swim England Challenge Awards

For our stronger swimmers we have our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours Awards.

These awards are basically in 2 parts:

Firstly, developing the children’s swimming skills to a high standard of technique and speed. Secondly, improving  water skills as the children progress through the award stages. 


Longton Pool, Preston, PR4 5YL
Lune Valley Swimming Pool, LA2 8LH.
Brickhouse Cottage Pool, Poulton, FY6 9BG.
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